Animal welfare comes first

Sibillana is a short supply chain, few companies of this kind exist in Italy, all the fiber with which we make the yarns comes from Sopravissane sheep from farms in central Italy. Each farm forming part of the supply chain ensures high standards of well-being and excellent quality of life for the animals. All members of the supply chain practice extensive farming, few animals and a life of grazing during the day and resting indoors at night. Each flock is protected by guardian dogs to protect against predation by the Wolf, a legitimate inhabitant of the Sibillini Mountains with whom we want to continue to coexist. Sibillana is the wolf-friendly zero kilometer yarn!

The Sopravissana sheep

Short supply chain, very short indeed

A low impact on the environment

The beauty of imperfections

Custom made creations

If you don't find what you want on this site, send us an email . Choose the yarn, color and pattern you like best and we will make it exactly how you want it! Be aware that “good things have a slow pace”.