rASOterra Shower Glove and Bath Kit

rASOterra Shower Glove and Bath Kit

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Scrub effect shower glove and shower gel from the rASOterra cosmetic line!

Created in collaboration with the agricultural company Rasoterra rasoterra-agricutura - B&B "Experiential path to discover eco-sustainable agricultural traditions" (scholabnb.com)

A thread of Sopravissana wool, dyed with the tunics (external skin) of the flat Pedaso onions, pampers and nourishes the skin, combined with a thread of hemp twine to exfoliate during the shower.

The package also includes a short booklet which tells the stories of the Pecora Sopravissana and the Cipolla Piatta di Pedaso, stories which overlap in time and which are linked by the same territory.

The product brings with it the ethical and historical values ​​of our territory. Look to the future while preserving the past!

Each product present in this e-commerce is handmade, the Sibillana supply chain was born as a social inclusion network for the creation of a productive fabric in the 4 regions of central Italy affected by the 2016 earthquake. Each product on sale on this e-commerce commerce is the result of manual skills, nothing is reproduced in series, each product is born from the hands of the network of collaborators that Sibillana has created. Every purchase made on this site represents support for the area of ​​central Italy hit hard by the 2016 earthquake. Whoever buys Sibillana embraces all its values! Sibillana is the first and true short supply chain in the Italian textile sector!

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